Mini VHF/UHF Scanner Mobile Antenna

  • $39.95


Gain 136-150 MHz: 2 dBi Pattern:  Omni-directional Connector:  BNC
Gain 400-470 MHz: 3 dBi Tuned:  Multiple Bands Band:  VHF/UHF
Gain 700-960 MHz: 3 dBi Cable:  RG174 Cable Length:  10 Feet
Gain 1000-1300 MHz: 3 dBi Height:  17" Magnet Size:  1 1/4"


Compact Design: The main feature of this model is that it's very light and compact. This might not be the right choice for a full-time installation where you need long time durability. However, if you want something you can just pop on the roof while sitting in a vehicle, or use occasionally while traveling, then this is a good choice. This can easy be taken on and off the vehicle, and stored when not in use. The thin RG174 cable can usually fit easily in the door jam (check carefully first to make sure).

Tuned to Multiple Bands:  The antenna can cover multiple VHF and UHF bands.

Mount Included:  A small 1 1/4" diameter magnet is directly attached to the bottom of the antenna, which is then connected to 10 feet of light RG-174 cable, and terminated with a BNC male connector.

*Mobile Components are Produced in Taiwan

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