GMRS - Base & Mobile Antennas

Bragg Cranes

DPD Poductions offers four antenna models for GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service). These antennas will work with any licensed GMRS radio that offers a way to connect an external antenna, including numerous Midland models, such as the: MXT100, MXT105, MXT115, MXT275 and MXT400. The list of GMRS channel frequencies consists of: 462.550, 462.575, 462.600, 462.625, 462.650, 462.675, 462.700, 462.725, 467.550, 467.575, 467.600, 467.625, 467.650, 467.675, 467.700, and 467.725 MHz. If you have basic questions about antennas, please try checking the FAQ pages.