General FAQ

C-135C - 412th TW 412th FLTS - Serial #61-2669

Q: Do I have to use PayPal to make payment?
A: No, you do not... PayPal is just one method of making payment that's available.

Q: Why won't the shopping cart system work for me?
A: Make sure you're running the latest version of your browser. Also make sure you have Java turned on in the browser preferences, as well as have it set to accept cookies. If you still have problems, please email us.

Q: How long will it take to receive my order?
A: Every attempt is made to get orders out as soon as possible. However, we are a small company, and as such, we aren't always able to do the instant 24/7 type of shipping that many larger companies can. On occasion we will have a run on a particular item, and that item will become back-ordered, or have a short waiting period before it goes out. If that's the case, a note will be posted for that product on the web site, or the customer will be informed. Once products are shipped they usually take less than one week to arrive at US destinations. This does not include holidays or weekends. It also takes longer for foreign shipments, depending on the destination.

Q: Can I get something custom built?
A: It all depends... If the product you'd like falls within the basic design of what we already offer, it may be possible to create what you're looking for. Details of what you need should be sent by email to us so we can talk about it further. All efforts will be made to fill a custom order, if at all possible.

Q: Do you make foreign sales, and how is shipping handled?
A: We try to sell outside the US, but it's sometimes necessary to contact us regarding that, as it all depends on the country. Shipping can often be an issue with parcels that are deemed 'over-sized' by shippers. Most of the time it can be done. We ship our products all over the world, with very few problems... and it's really not that expensive. So don't be shy about trying it. You can check the specific Shipping FAQ Page for more details.

Q: Where are DPDP products made?
A: All DPDP base antenna products are made right here in the US by us. And when we say "made", we don't mean simply designed by us, then out-sourced for manufacturing in China or some other country... We mean that they're physically made here, by us. However, some mobile product components do come from other sources, which are made overseas.

Q: Are any of your products available in stores?
A: Not at this time... All DPDP products are sold directly through this web site, in an effort to try and keep costs as low as possible.

Q: How do you handle returns?
A: Due to the nature of the products, merchandise is considered to be in a 'used' condition as soon as it is installed. Therefore we typically cannot accept returns based purely on whether the customer simply likes something or not. Being a small business, we cannot afford to have products "tried out", because the product can no longer be sold as new once it has been used. However, we will work with the customer to try and do everything we can to offer support and bring satisfaction. If for some reason the product is defective and a part cannot be sent to repair the product, we will then accept the product as a return to fix or replace. The customer is ultimately responsible for any damage incurred during installation. Unauthorized returns will NOT be accepted, and returned to the sender.

Q: How can I make a custom order or order numerous items?
A: Due to the nature of this business, there can be an almost infinite amount of options when it comes to ordering a product. Antenna type, cable type, connector type, shipping, and many other things, all have to be taken into consideration. For this reason, it's sometimes easier to just take multiple item or custom orders, on a case by case basis. Also, sometimes it just helps to first hear what a customer is trying to accomplish. Oftentimes we can help you decide what would work best in your situation. Please email us with what you're looking for and we can give you a quote, then send a payment request to you for the order.