Coax Cable Guide

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We have coax cable with numerous connector combinations available here.


 Size Model Maker Group Center Notes
1/2" LDF4-50A Andrew
L1 Single This cable is moving into commercial grade. It's very stiff and difficult to work with.
5/8" LMR600 Times Microwave L2 Single Very stiff. This cable would need a smaller patch with anything less than the biggest desktop radio.
5/8" LMR600UF Times Microwave L2 Multi Strand More flexible than the single conductor version above, but still big and difficult to work with.
1/2" LMR500 Times Microwave L1 Single Very stiff cable and will most likely need a smaller patch to work with anything but the largest radios.
RG8 9913 Belden i Single 9913 has been around a long time, but sometimes water seepage can be more of a problem on this cable.
RG8 9913F7 Belden i Multi Strand This is the more flexible version of regular 9913. This can be easier to work with.
RG8 9914F Davis RF i Multi Strand Known as "Bury-Flex". This cable is a very good all around cable and fairly easy to work with. It's flexible enough to be used with rotators and can often go directly to radios without a smaller patch.
RG8 LMR400 Times Microwave i Single 400 is an all around good cable. It doesn't seem to exhibit water problems as much as 9913, but it's still pretty stiff and can be difficult to connect directly to smaller radios without a patch cable.
RG8 LMR400UF Times Microwave i Multi Strand 'UF' stands for "UltraFlex". This cable is more flexible and easier to work with than the regular 400.
RG8 Flexi-4XL Wireman i Multi Strand This is another multi strand flexible RG8 cable that offers.
RG8 Super 8 Wireman i Multi Strand Slightly more loss than the Flexi-4XL, but also flexible to work with.
RG213 Various Various e Multi Strand More popular in Europe than the US. Typically has a 7 strand center conductor. Somewhere between RG8 and RG8X in terms of loss. Harder to find connectors in the US. Better to just go with RG8.
RG8X LMR240 Times Microwave x Single Same outer dimension as regular RG8X, but slightly less loss due to solid center conductor. Too stiff to use in most mobile applications.
RG8X LMR240UF Times Microwave x Multi Strand 'UF' stands for "UltraFlex". Basically the same as regular RG8X. More flexible than regular LMR240.
RG8X "Mini 8" Various x Multi Strand RG8X size cable is offered under numerous brands. The 'RG8' designation is misleading, because it's considerably smaller than RG8 size cable. RG8X is good for runs shorter than 25', patch cables, and mobile applications.
RG58 LMR200 Times Microwave c2 Single Same outer dimension as normal RG58 cables, but center conductor is slightly larger, so it often won't fit in normal RG58 connector pins.
RG58 Various Various c Both RG58 comes in both single conductor and multi strand variety, and many different versions. Bottom line, this should only be used in mobile applications or in very short runs.