Shipping FAQ

Missile Carrying Truck

You can contact us with any questions.

Q: Why doesn't my country show as an option in the shipping section?
A: We would love to ship anywhere in the world, but turns out, shipping long items is very complicated. Here's the deal... When shipping internationally, postal is by far the most affordable method. The private carriers typically want 6 or more times what the postal rate is. But there's a problem... Coming out of the US, there are two maximum length limits for Postal Priority. One is 60 inches and the other is 42 inches. This has to do with the sorting equipment specs. 60" will cover most of our products, except the VHF Air Vertical Base. The 42" length limit rules out many of our products, like most of the vertical base models and indoor blades. NOTE: As of 2021 the UK now expects sellers around the world to register with the UK VAT payment system, and then collect VAT taxes from their citizens on sales. We love our UK customers, but sorry... this is ridiculous. It's not the job of small businesses around the world to collect taxes from the UK government's citizens. This also sets a terrible precedent, because if they do this, eventually all the countries will probably try it, which would be a nightmare. So unfortunately, we'll be forced to turn off the UK in our auto shipping prefs. As of right now they claim an order above $180 (US) will not be required to collect tax on our end. If you would like to order items that total $180 or more, please contact us and we can send you a manual payment request. Thanks.

Here's the countries that have the 60" limit...

Andorra Great Britain and N. Ireland New Zealand
Austria Greece Norway
Azerbaijan Ireland Poland
Belgium Italy Portugal
Czech Republic Japan San Marino
Denmark Liechtenstein Slovakia
Finland Luxembourg Spain
France Macao Sweden
Germany Malta Switzerland
Gibraltar Netherlands Vatican City


Canada and Hong Kong are also not a problem, since they have a max girth of 108 inches. As of 2018, all other countries not listed above, have the 42" length limit. Because of this, we have only turned on the countries listed above in the shipping preferences, just to avoid people making a purchase, only to find out we can't ship it to them. One exception has been made, and that is Australia. The limit to Australia is also 42 inches, but we get a number of people each year trying to purchase stuff in Australia, and didn't want to rule them out. So Australia is turned on in the cart preferences, but it will depend on what you're ordering as to whether or not we'll be able to ship it.

But! Even though there's these length limits with certain areas, there may sometimes be other options for shipping. There are numerous forwarding services in the US that you can ship your item to from us, and then they will ship it overseas. The benefit of using one of these services is that, they do such a high volume of shipping that the carriers give them very low rates. Rates that they would never give a small business. So a UPS or FedEx shipment that they would charge us over $300 for, might be about $100 with a forwarding service. For instance, some Australian customers have used a service called: Shipito. You can get a quote from places like that, but contact us first, because you will want to know the weight and dimensions of the item after packaged. Dimensions make a BIG difference, because all the carriers charge a lot more for boxes that exceed a certain max size/girth. Do NOT just do a basic quote. You want to make sure to put the dimensions in, because that will often give you a very different price. If you do use a forwarding service in the US, you can order straight through the site, because that will just be a normal US shipping charge.

There have also been people who have traveled to the US, and we have shipped items to them at their hotel, to take home with them later. But if you're thinking about doing this, check with the airline using the dimensions of the box, to see if they'll charge you anything, or even allow the box on the plane.

So bottom line, the best thing to do is contact us if you don't see your country listed, or have some other issue. We may very well be able to ship the item to you or help you find an affordable way to do it. But due to the complexities involved, there's no way to set everything up automatically on the site.

Q: Why is shipping so much more on some items?
A: All the postal and private carriers have something called 'dimensional weight'. When a box exceeds a certain maximum total in girth or the longest dimension, they will charge a higher rate. Sometimes that rate is almost double a standard rate. The dimensional cut-off point for this was actually lowered by most of the carriers recently, meaning that even more packages will fall into a 'dimensional charge' fee rate. Even if a package is just a couple pounds, they still want that higher rate for something that exceeds a certain max dimension. Is it really that much harder delivering a long box compared to a square one? Probably not, but it gives them a good excuse to charge more. Unfortunately we have to deal with it.

Q: Why did the cart tell me my order is "too large" to calculate.
A: As previously mentioned, shipping long items is very complicated. The ability to automatically calculate the shipping correctly, decreases as the order gets larger. After a certain point, it's better if we just calculate the shipping manually, making sure that both parties get a fair deal. So if you do get this message in the cart, please email us with what you would like to order, and we will put together an invoice.