Railroad Radio & Video Stream Links

Metropolitan Stevedor 3GS21B-DE #0805

There are various people who provide streaming radio audio, and sometimes even full streaming video, of railroad activities that they monitor at their location. Some of these have been listed on this page.

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RailStream.net - Multiple Locations

This site not only provides radio streams for various locations, but also provides full streaming video and audio. Check out railstream.net for some virtual train watching/listening.

RailroadRadio.net - Multiple Locations

Railroadradio.net is the oldest and best RR radio streaming site on the internet. There are dozens of locations to choose from.

CSX, INRD, LIRC & ITMZ - Indianapolis, Indiana (TrainTenna Equipped!)

This stream covers CSX, Indiana RR, Louisville & Indiana, and the Indiana Transportation Museum. The stream is owned and hosted by Shawn N. Access the stream at: http://inrd.gotdns.com/inrdradio.htm

CSX & NS - Decatur, Alabama

This stream covers the CSX and NS railroads through the Decatur area. The stream is run by John Peterson... Check out John's stream and the rest of his site that covers railroad action around the Decatur, Alabama area at: http://www.alabamarailfan.com/

CSX & NS - Central New Jersey (TrainTenna Equipped!)

This stream covers CSX, NS, CSAO and NYS&W from the Central New Jersey area. The stream has its own Yahoo e-mail list.

BNSF - Emporia, Kansas

This stream is run by Eric Burris. It covers the BNSF Emporia Sub, Topeka Sub, La Junta Sub, Emporia Yard, and other areas between Kansas City and Emporia. Go to the radio page of his site for the stream at: http://www.trainweb.org/railnet/rr_radio/trainscan.htm You can see his main site at: http://www.trainweb.org/railnet/

New Jersey / New York

This stream covers various railroads in the metro New Jersey / New York area. The stream is run by Charlie of the http://groups.yahoo.com/group/railscan list. You can get to the stream by entering the url: http://railscan.webhop.net in your browser.

Canadian Pacific - Swift Current / Maple Creek Sub, SK (TrainTenna Equipped!)

This stream is owned by Adrian T. and run through RailroadRadio.net