Aviation - Base & Mobile Antennas

VX-9 Vampires - China Lake NAS, CA

DPD Productions has numerous antennas designed specifically for Air/Aviation communications use, shown below. There are models available for the 118-136 MHz voice air band, in both base and mobile versions. These can be utilized by an FBO, or in any type of base ops setup. They can also work as a dedicated receive antenna on Pilot Controlled Lighting (PCL) systems. Another potential use is Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS) VHF broadcast transmitting. We also have models for both the 1090 MHz and 978 MHz ADS-B services. The majority of our products can be used with any Uniden, RadioShack, Whistler, or other brand of radio scanner, and also most commercial and ham radios. If you have basic questions about antennas, please try checking the FAQ pages.