Dual Band VHF/UHF Scanner Mobile Antenna

  • $89.95


Gain:  2.4 dBd VHF 5.5 dBd UHF Pattern:  Omni-directional Wavelength:  1/2-5/8-5/8
Elements:  2 Tuned:  150-175 MHz & 400-510 MHz Band:  VHF/UHF
Rated Watts:  150 Cable:  RG58U Cable Length:  17 Feet
Mount Type:  NMO Height:  38" Magnet Size:  3 5/8"


Tuned to VHF/UHF Commercial Bands:  Each antenna is tuned to focus on the 150-175 MHz VHF and 400 to 510 MHz UHF commercial bands, with match for transmit at approximately the center of those ranges. Other bands such as 700-900 and low VHF can typically still be received.

Excellent Performance:  5/8 wave over 5/8 wave stacked elements gives 5.5 dBd of gain on UHF and a combined 1/2 wave 2.4 dBd gain on VHF.

Quality Construction:  Stainless steel whip. Gold plunger contact pin and O-ring gasket on lower coil, with metal top and bottom.

Mount Included:  All black 3 5/8" NMO Magnet Mount with 17' of RG58U cable - Copper 95% braid and solid insulation. Brass NMO with gold contact pin and teflon insulator. (Choice of BNC or UHF connector. Email to possibly request other connector types.)

DC Grounded:  Note that this model is a DC grounded design. If your device does not utilize the connector chassis side of a cable (braid) in the actual electronics of the device, then it will NOT work.

*Mobile Components are Produced in Taiwan

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