OmniX Scanner Base Antenna

  • $169.95


Gain:  3 VHF 4 UHF dBi Pattern:  Omni-directional Wavelength:  1/2
Elements:  3 Tuned:  118-137, 148-175 & 225-900 MHz Band:  UHF & VHF
Connector:  N Female Cable:  RG8X Cable Length:  16 Inches
Height:  45" Width:  30" Weight:  2 lb


Multi Band-Wide Coverage:  The uniquely designed OmniX is tuned to multiple bands, giving it wide frequency coverage. Unlike antennas that were originally designed for the ham bands and then marketed as a scanner antenna, the OmniX was specifically designed for scanner radio use and tuned to popular commercial and civil service bands. Elements are specifically tuned for 118-137 MHz, 148-175 MHz and 225-900 MHz, but other bands can be received as well. This antenna can be quite aesthetically pleasing compared to discones and it's also more efficient.

DC Grounded:  A metal ground plane is not needed with this design.

Solid Construction:  The antenna is constructed of 1 1/2" aluminum tube for the core element and solid 1/4" aluminum round is used for side elements. No flimsy tubing or dimple rivets are used. All aluminum is given a brushed finish.

Isolated Mast:  The actual vertical structure is comprised of UV resistant plastic. This allows the actual elements to be raised into 'free space', away from your metal mounting mast.

Weather Resistant:  All fasteners are stainless steel and the feed point is protected by shrink tube.

High Quality N Connector:  Instead of the usual UHF connector that's included with most antennas, this antenna includes a 50 ohm female N connector, on the end of a small cable pigtail. N connectors are more water resistant and handle high frequencies better. Need help choosing your main cable? Checkout the Coax FAQ.

Includes Mounting Hardware:  Price includes mounting clamps to allow attaching the antenna to any standard 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" mounting mast.

Only Partial Assembly Required:  The core antenna is completely assembled, along with the feeder cable. The only things that need to be done yourself are attaching the side elements, and putting up a mast.

Made exclusively by DPD Productions in the USA

Do you also need cable or coax sealing tape? Try the: Cable & Accessories Page.


"Just a note to let you know how extremely satisfied I am with my purchase of the OmniX Multi Band Scanner Antenna.  I ordered it on a Sunday, it arrived on a Wed... 3-day service, outstanding. I installed it today and it is a superb antenna. I am impressed with its assembly, good looks and terrific performance. The improvement on my scanners and wide band radios is dramatic compared to the antenna I was using. Thanks for a great product and great service."
Tom O. - Longmont, CO

"Antenna received! Great service and great quality product! It's too cold here to be outside installing antennas, so it's just leaning against the wall in the corner of my office, and yet it still adds an extra couple of bars on signal strength. Impressive antenna."
Richard T. - Winnipeg, MB

"Just a quick note to say thank you. I purchased an Omni-X from you months ago, and finally installed it today. The antenna and instructions are first class and it's already out-performing the 20-176 it replaced and the ST-2 it sits just above... and I'm sure it will outlast them both in our high-wind installation. I'm picking up things I've never heard before."
Bill C. - Harveys Lake, PA

"I have the OmniX setup in my attic. Much better reception than my previous antenna, including 800 Mhz. Very happy!"
John M. - Wayside, NJ

"I received my order and I'm very happy with it. I'm using it inside at this time, but will be mounting outside soon. It's well made and seems to work very well. Thanks for the good service and a very good product."
John S. - Port Richey, FL

(As posted to RadioReference) "I had my old weather beaten Scantenna replaced with the OmniX model from DPD this weekend. While I was always happy with the Scantenna from a price-value and reception standpoint, I had to replace it twice in the last 5 years due to the tough New England winters. Based on my research and the good reviews posted here and elsewhere, I decided to spend the money and give DPD a try. I am very happy I did. The construction of the OmniX is outstanding when compared to the Scantenna and it will no doubt be able to handle anything mother nature can throw at it. The OmniX model is much more discrete and compact compared to the somewhat large Scantenna (smaller is better for my needs). Installation was simple & straight forward, with only the 4 radials to attach prior to mounting it on the mast (I had an installer do that part for me). More importantly, reception is significantly improved both in terms of distance and clarity on all 3 bands this model is designed for. Like many other reviewers have stated, I'm now receiving signals that I could not get before with the Scantenna. Weak signals have also been significantly improved as well on all 3 bands. In conclusion, with 2 days in so far I am very pleased with the quality and performance of the OmniX."
Mike B. - Londonderry, NH

"Just wanted to take a moment to let you know how well your Omni-X works. I have had one deployed for over a year, providing reception of the Denver (ZDV) ARTCC to Listeners report up to a 225 mile reception range with the antenna approximately 28ft AGL. Thanks for the great antenna!"
Mike R. - Thornton, CO

"Been using my new OmniX for a week or so on my scanner, and it’s awesome. I’m getting clear reception on sources from South San Francisco to Santa Cruz and even have to attenuate a few nearby transmitters."
Brooks G. - Mountain View, CA

"Installation of the OmniX is complete, results are extremely good, antenna is approximately 20 feet above ground and is fed with Andrew LDF4-50A Heliax X 40 ft. Only used on one scanner while utilizing the Channel Master on the other for now. Thanks for the excellent product."
Tony M. - Pekin, IL

"I would guess the antenna is about 25 ft up. Man, this thing is awesome! I am pulling in my old PD channels (800mhz) from a repeater that is over 30 miles away. I plan to get the antenna up a little higher than it is now, and I am trying to find a tower, so I can get up around 60ft... Just wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying this thing."
Chris M. - Monetta, SC

"Received antenna yesterday; installed it today. It was a replacement for an old Antenna Specialist MON-58. The OmniX is a tremendous improvement over the old antenna. I'm very satisfied. Excellent build quality, and I like that all hardware is stainless steel, a detail that many other manufacturers overlook. Thanks again!"
Ken R. - Coconut Creek, FL

"Thank you for a great antenna. Antenna exceeded my expectations. Works great."
Chris D. - New Zealand

"I got my Omnix in the mail yesterday. What quality workmanship you do. I am enjoying the excellent reception it gives. Thanks for the great antenna."
Terry R. - Ashdown, AR

"I went ahead and purchased the Omni-X antenna back in November. I’m loving it! It performs much better than I was expecting."
Jose H. - Homestead, FL

"I installed my OmniX and just wanted to say it works very well. Excellent quality. Thank you"
Jon L. - Feeding Hills, MA

"Just wanted to let you know that the OmniX antenna I bought in Nov 2017 is still going strong... perhaps the best scanner antenna I have ever owned."
Jim P. - Keatchie, LA

"I caught the ISS on my scanner today using the OmniX. I've been scanning 145.8 MHz for months and never heard it until now. 271 miles up, there's a testimonial lol."
Edward M. - Shohola, PA

"I received my antenna yesterday and assembled it this morning. I'm beyond impressed and very pleased with everything. The reception is great and I've not even mounted it outside yet it's just in the window. The workmanship is second to none."
Mitch M. - Cave City, AR

"Thanks for the tip! I have been doing this for decades public safety and amateur radio.

"I've owned several discones and other home antennas. I only have six hours with the OmniX but it is clear to me the performance is outstanding! Way better for my needs."
Wayne O. - Warren, NJ

"I erected the new DPD Productions Omni-X antenna in my attic, and it's working really well! Previously, via the Comet Discone antenna, I was getting about one bar of signal, maximum, when receiving P25 (746-749 Mhz) simulcast signals off of the system located about 35 miles to the North of my location. Now, using the Omni-X antenna in my attic, it consistently yields the maximum signal indicator on the scanner's readout. (snip) The signals it receives on VHF/UHF are excellent as well. What I notice is that it's pulling in signals on VHF/UHF from further out than the Comet Discone Antenna, from agencies I could not receive before."
Randy B. - Union, MO

"I put the antenna up this morning, replacing the discone I had on the roof, using the same mount, same height, same LMR400 cable etc. On average this is what I have found... UHF: -5 to -10db gain in signal strength. VHF: -15 to -20db gain in signal strength. 7/800 MHz: -3 to -6db gain in signal strength. So needless to say I am very happy with the antenna. It is well built, easy to assemble, and is obviously better than the discone. Well worth the money!"
Jack A. - Branford, CT

"You have an excellent antenna. I purchased a OmniX and got it yesterday. After finding a few “sweet spots” in my attic and settling on one spot, all I can say is WOW!"
Rich A. - Norfolk, NE

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