Train Data Broadcast (EOTD) Vertical Outdoor Base Antenna

  • $99.95


Gain:  4 dBi SWR:  1.5:1 or Less Pattern:  Omni-directional
Wavelength:  1/2 Elements:  1 Tuned:  452-457 MHz
Band:  UHF Connector:  N Female Cable:  RG8X
Cable Length:  12 Inches Height:  26" Width:  1 1/4"
Weight:  1 lb Wind Area:  0.25 Sq Feet  


Ready Made:  There's no assembly necessary, or extra mounting parts needed.

Tuned to Train Data Frequencies:  Each antenna is tuned to the center of the North American railroad train data band, between 452.0 MHz and 457.0 MHz. This will cover data packet broadcasts used in various ways onboard trains, such as the End of Train Device (EOTD), Head of Train Device (HOTD), Distributed Power (DPU), and Remote Loco Control (RLC). This will work with any scanner or radio capable of receiving the UHF 400 MHz band. People sometimes use the reception of these data transmitters as a way to get a warning that a train is coming. You do NOT need a digital capable radio. Note: No voice communications are done on these frequencies. Only small data packets will be heard. This antenna is NOT for receiving ATCS railroad system data.

DC Grounded:  A metal ground plane is not needed with this design.

Enclosed Elements:  The actual antenna elements and feed point are sealed inside a UV resistant plastic radome. No need to worry about corrosion on the elements with this design.

Weather Resistant:  Having the elements and feed point sealed in the radome allows the antenna to be very resistant to weather and other environmental damage. This antenna is strong enough to withstand an ice storm, and will also do well in a shoreline environment.

Copper Elements:  Elements are copper clad, which is a better element material than stainless steel.

Narrow Bandwidth:  The bandwidth for the antenna is fairly narrow, which can help to eliminate intermod problems from adjacent strong signals in urban areas.

High Quality N Connector:  Instead of the usual UHF connector that's included with most antennas, this antenna includes a 50 ohm female N connector, on the end of a small cable pigtail. N connectors are more water resistant and handle high frequencies better. Need help choosing your main cable? Checkout the Coax FAQ.

Includes Mounting Hardware:  Price includes mounting clamps to allow attaching the antenna to any standard 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" mounting mast.

Made exclusively by DPD Productions in the USA

Do you also need cable or coax sealing tape? Try the: Cable & Accessories Page.


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