TrainTenna 5/8 Wave Mobile Antenna

  • $89.95


Gain:  3 dBi SWR:  1.5:1 or Less Pattern:  Omni-directional
Wavelength:  5/8 Elements:  1 Tuned:  160-161 MHz
Band:  VHF Railroad Connector:  Your Choice Cable:  RG58U
Cable Length:  17 Feet Mount Type:  NMO Height:  43"
Magnet Size:  3 5/8"
Rated Watts:  150 Weight:  1 lb 13 oz


Tuned to Rail Band:  Each antenna is tuned to the VHF Rail Band from 160 to 161 MHz. Please note: These antennas will work with both the older analog, and newer digital radios.

Excellent Performance:  You simply can't do better in a mono-band mobile application, than the 5/8 wave tuned antenna. This antenna can be used for both transmitting and receiving.

Quality Construction:  Stainless steel tapered whip. Coil with metal base and top. Gold plunger contact pin and O-ring gasket.

Mount Included:  All black 3 5/8" NMO Magnet Mount with 17' of RG58U cable - Copper 95% braid and solid insulation. Brass NMO with gold contact pin and teflon insulator. (Choice of BNC or UHF connector. Email to possibly request other connector types.)

*Mobile Components are Produced in Taiwan


"I railfan the NS and CSX and I can now pick up CSX in my driveway!! (I live about 30 miles from Chattanooga,TN and with my old antenna I would have to be about halfway to get anything). Once again, thank you for this awesome piece of railfan equipment."
Tom H. - Soddy Daisy, TN

"I was truly amazed at how well this antenna works with my VX-170! On the flat lands of Ohio I was picking up transmissions from 30 or more miles away. The railfans with the other mag mounts didn't pick up half of what I was getting."
Rob M. - Binbrook, Ontario

"Let me tell you, WOW! What a complete difference it made with my mobile installation. I began hearing BNSF traffic from Fullerton and further south from Ontario which was something I could never receive before with my commercial-grade wide-band antennas. I even ran up through Cajon and was hearing traffic south of West Riverside and East of Loma Linda clear as a bell. I am so stoked!"
Joe P. - Ontario, CA

"I received my new mobile TrainTenna today and could not wait to give it a try.  I mounted it on the car and drove 20 miles to the nearest train tracks.  WOW.  For the first time I heard train radio traffic I had never heard before.  I was picking up both sides of the conversation which I seldom could hear with any of my other antennas.  Great antenna."
John C. - Novelty, OH

"Thanks for the antenna. WOW, it's like my scanner received hearing aids! I'll save my original antenna for when I want quiet time."
Phil J. - Edmonton, Canada

"I used the antenna on my recent trip from California to Colorado and back. I was very impressed with the reception it gave me. Great product."
Don H. - Yreka, CA

"Just letting you know I received the antenna around 10:30 EST today, and it works fantastic in receive and transmit mode. Excellent product, thanks."
Stanley S. - Lawton, MI

"I've been using the antenna all week and things are vastly improved. I'm routinely picking up trains calling signals 8 miles out, where in the past it was 4 miles at best (depending on how high I held my scanner). Sometimes I would even miss calls at two miles. No more."
Tom M. - Whitley City, KY

"Hey, just wanted to say, I love my antenna. I can't believe have much better my reception is opposed to my previous antenna. I wish I would have known about this several years ago. Ideally, I would like to have my antenna on the hood of my car, but due to having to park in a garage, I had to install it on my trunk lid, and I still get fantastic reception."
Barry F. - Akron, OH

"What a huge difference! I heard trains much farther away than I used to hear. I heard both the train and the dispatcher in many instances, but before your antenna I rarely could hear the train."
Rich K. - North Royalton, OH

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