TrainTenna Vertical Outdoor Base Antenna

  • $129.95


Gain:  3 dBi SWR:  1.5:1 or Less Pattern:  Omni-directional
Wavelength:  1/2 Elements:  1 Tuned:  160-161 MHz
Band:  VHF Railroad Connector:  N Female Cable:  RG8X
Cable Length:  12 Inches Height:  57" Width:  1 1/4"
Weight:  1 lb 14 oz Wind Area:  0.50 Sq Feet  


Readymade:  There's no assembly necessary, or extra mounting parts needed.

Tuned to Rail Band:  Each antenna is tuned to the VHF Rail Band from 160 to 161 MHz. Please note: These antennas will work with both the older analog, and newer digital radios.

DC Grounded:  A metal ground plane is not needed with this design.

Enclosed Elements:  The actual antenna elements and feed point are sealed inside a UV resistant plastic radome. No need to worry about corrosion on the elements with this design.

Weather Resistant:  Having the elements and feed point sealed in the radome allows the antenna to be very resistant to weather and other environmental damage. This antenna is strong enough to withstand an ice storm, and will also do well in a shoreline environment.

Copper Elements:  Elements are copper clad, which is a better element material than stainless steel.

Narrow Bandwidth:  The bandwidth for the antenna is fairly narrow, which can help to eliminate intermod problems from adjacent strong signals in urban areas.

High Quality N Connector:  Instead of the usual UHF connector that's included with most antennas, this antenna includes a 50 ohm female N connector, on the end of a small cable pigtail. N connectors are more water resistant and handle high frequencies better. Need help choosing your main cable? Checkout the Coax FAQ.

Includes Mounting Hardware:  Price includes mounting clamps to allow attaching the antenna to any standard 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" mounting mast.

Made exclusively by DPD Productions in the USAMade in USA

Do you also need cable or coax sealing tape? Try the: Cable & Accessories Page.


"Speaking of antennas, I recommend folks take a spin by: It's a very well put together site which deals with monitoring of the railroads by radio. And be sure to check out Dave's line of "TrainTennas". As it happens, the Clear Creek Radio is using his products and we couldn't be happier with them. Currently, the antenna on Clear Creek is still a low level affair... We're using the internal model he offers, which I think is a perfect 'traveling' antenna for pulling in decent signals from your hotel room. We soon will be using the base station model on a rooftop tripod mount... Be on the 'Listen' for even more distant transmissions on Clear Creek Radio in the near future!"
Jim Groenke - RF Engineer and owner of

"Even with my state-of-the-art Motorola MT-2000 Jedi receiver, I was still picking up 2nd order intermod from the many nearby public safety & ham repeaters. Since I was using a broadband discone, I was asking for this! So I changed over to DPDP's narrowband TrainTenna a week ago. The improvement has been very dramatic! The IM grunge that we had been hearing has completely disappeared and we now only hear great train comms! This antenna is well-designed, well-made and easy to work with. Photos of my installation are up in my Central New Jersey Wide-Area Stream forum.
Railfaninnj - Central NJ

"Well Dave I have to say I'm impressed, the antenna works very well!! I'm hearing up the Columbia Gorge to the MP 48.4 detector very clearly. I'm also hearing the 37.6 detector which is somewhat flaky generally here. I used 162.400 Astoria, OR weather to ensure my placement was ok, and it went from just breaking the squelch sitting in the computer room to 6 S units in its installed position (about 6 ft. higher than the computer room)."
Steve Eshom - Owner of the Vancouver, WA Railroad Radio Stream

"I recently bought your TrainTenna outdoor vertical and mounted it on the roof of my two story house. I must say this is a well designed product. I live in Union City, CA which is about halfway between Oakland and San Jose. With your antenna, I can pickup virtually all the UP and Amtrak radio traffic between Berkeley and south San Jose. That's about 50 miles. In the Newark yard, about 7 miles away, I can hear the brakeman using his handheld to talk to the engineer. I also get almost all of the CalTrain and UP talk on the other side of the SF Bay."
Ray F. - Union City, CA

"I am getting some GREAT stuff with the antenna. I am going to get a longer pole to mount it higher. It's on my chimney at about 20 feet now. I'm getting NS about 30 miles each way."
Mark Baker - Lafayette, IN

"Paul and I put the TrainTenna up today and it is definitely pulling in more traffic. I have heard the remotes talking in Laurel Yard. Hopefully it will pick up the detector at East Billings which is only about 6-7 miles away, but around a bit of a hill."
Todd W. - Billings Montana RR Stream Owner

"What an antenna... I'm very impressed. I can hear anything the San Antonio area has to offer. The signal strength meter is almost pegged. Never done that before. I can also get several weather stations. I should have bought one of these antennas a long time ago."
James M. - Schertz, TX

"I just wanted to let you know that I have the TrainTenna up and running on my tower. I can't believe how well this antenna performs... I am truly amazed! I am hearing so much traffic that I have never heard before. I am using an Yaesu FT-7800-R and have all the rail channels programmed in, and I'm hearing all kinds of traffic. I would like to say that you have a great business with excellent service and I would recommend your company no problem. Thanks again."
Dan C. - Grass Lake, MI

"Just put up my TrainTenna that I purchased in October and I have to tell you, I am hearing stuff that I never heard before. Thanks for making a great product and I will be enjoying it everyday"
Mike R. - Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

"I'm the SLE and radio tech on the M&NJ Railroad in southeastern NY. I purchased the DPD product for our base station antenna, and i'm pleased with it's performance. The antenna analyzer makes it a perfect match for our use. Our license allows your antenna, and it does perform as I thought it would."
Paul H. - Middletown, NY

"Thanks for all your help! I wanted to thank you for providing me and a few friends with the ability to listen to trains easily from our houses. It allows my friend who lives in Altadena to pick up trains from the Glendale area to Buena Park. I can pick up a 23 mile stretch of the Surfline in my area as well! We all use the Motorola CDM1250 radio (not transmitting on it of course) and your antennas to hear more than we ever could before."
Skyler F. - Tustin, CA

"I recently bought a TrainTenna Vertical Outdoor Base Antenna
from your store and wanted to let you know i love it! It performs above others on the market. Keep up the great work."

Franklin W. - N. Chesterfield, VA

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