Velcro Cable Organizer Straps - 7 Inch Size (Can Mount to Furniture)

  • $12.95


Color:  Black Bundle Diameter:  1.75 Inch
Material:  Velcro Mount Hole ID:  .125 Inch
Usable Length:  7.0 Inch Buckle Material:  Plastic
Total Length:  8.25 Inch Quantity Per Pack:  10
Width:  .75 Inch  


  • Easily bundle cables and keep all your radio gear organized.
  • Using the rivet hole on each strap, you can mount cables to equipment racks, or using screws (not included), you can hang cables under tables, or mount them to the back of furniture, out of sight.
  • Unlike pull-ties, velcro can always be repositioned.

    *This product was not produced in the USA

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