MilTenna Omni UHF/VHF Base Antenna

  • $169.95


Gain:  3 VHF 4 UHF dBi Pattern:  Omni-directional Wavelength:  1/2
Elements:  3 Tuned:  225-400, 118-137 & 138-140 MHz Band:  UHF & VHF Air
Connector:  N Female Cable:  RG8X Cable Length:  24 Inches
Height:  45" Width:  30" Weight:  2 lb


Tuned to UHF & VHF Air Bands:  The uniquely designed MilTenna Omni is tuned to both the UHF 225-400 MHz and 118-137 MHz Air Bands. The latest version now also includes a third set of VHF elements dedicated to the 138-140 MHz VHF band. Most other VHF/UHF bands can typically be received as well. This antenna can be quite esthetically pleasing compared to discones and other multi element antennas, and it's also more efficient. The VHF elements can be left off the antenna if desired.

DC Grounded:  A metal ground plane is not needed with this design.

Wide Bandwidth:  The core element of the MilTenna Omni design offers a wide bandwidth, which is what makes it appropriate for a band as large as the UHF 225-400 MHz Air Band.

Solid Construction:  The antenna is constructed of 1 1/2" aluminum tube for the core element and solid 1/4" aluminum round is used for side elements. No flimsy tubing or dimple rivets are used. All aluminum is given a brushed finish.

Isolated Mast:  The actual vertical structure is comprised of UV resistant plastic. This allows the actual elements to be raised into 'free space', away from your metal mounting mast.

Weather Resistant:  All fasteners are stainless steel and the feed point is protected by shrink tube.

High Quality N Connector:  Instead of the usual UHF connector that's included with most antennas, this antenna includes a 50 ohm female N connector, on the end of a small cable pigtail. N connectors are more water resistant and handle high frequencies better. Need help choosing your main cable? Checkout the Coax FAQ.

Includes Mounting Hardware:  Price includes mounting clamps to allow attaching the antenna to any standard 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" mounting mast.

Only Partial Assembly Required:  The core antenna is completely assembled, along with the feeder cable. The only things that need to be done yourself are attaching the side elements, and putting up a mast.

Made exclusively by DPD Productions in the USA

Do you also need cable or coax sealing tape? Try the: Cable & Accessories Page.


"I purchased the MilTenna Omni UHF/VHF antenna from DPD Productions last week to serve as my primary attic mounted antenna for Military air and Civilian air listening. So far I am very pleased with the range of the antenna, on both UHF and VHF. I had the original UHF only Mil Antenna from DPDP and the addition of VHF makes this antenna completely worth the upgrade. The quality of the construction is top notch, and while mine is mounted indoors, I would have no hesitation mounting it outside if I could. I look forward to using this antenna for a long time."
Scott D - Thousand Oaks, CA

"Just received my second antenna from you today (the MilTenna Omni). I am very impressed with the quality of your workmanship - as well as the performance, even when temporarily mounted at sub-optimum heights. I am an Extra Class Amateur, so I have some experience with many types of antennas and find yours to be top notch."
Gordon B. - Woodinville, WA

"Wanted to say I bought the MilTenna Omni UHF/VHF Base Antenna, and this will be my second antenna that I ordered from you. Wanted to say thank you for your great knowledge and support, and especially great amazing antennas!"
Jamie W. - Valrico, FL

"I bought the MilTenna Omni a while back, and works absolutely fantastic every single day. Best antenna I have running among the others on the antenna farm."

Kevin A. - Foothill Ranch, CA

"Just a quick follow-up on my order for a MilTenna Omni, I had paid the import duty before it was flown to the UK so everything went very smoothly with the delivery. It is a very well made antenna and I have installed it just above the roof-line of local buildings, around 12 feet from a Diamond D-777 at the same height, and with similar cable runs. I have both antennas feeding through a coax switch to an Icom IC-R8600. My initial impressions are that the MilTenna is clearly performing better than the Diamond, particularly in the UHF band.   My main interest in buying the antenna was to improve performance in that band, as most of my military listening is to aircraft upwards of 100 miles from my home location. So I’m well pleased with the antenna’s performance."

Andrew T. - Sale, UK

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