CoaxWrap - Non-Adhesive Cable Wrapping Tape (10 Feet)

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Type:  Silicone Tape Stretching  Ability:  300%
Adhesive:  None UV Resistant:  Yes
Length:  10 Feet Cold Brittle Point:  -85° F
Max Temperature:  500° F Tear Strength Min:  85 PPI
Min Temperature:  Flexible to -60° F Shelf Life:  60 Months


Design:  CoaxWrap Silicone Tape is a super flexible tape that does not have any glue or adhesive... it simply sticks to itself. CoaxWrap insulates up to 8000 Volts, will not melt up to 500ºF (260ºC), and resists UV damage and weathering. The characteristics of CoaxWrap make it excellent for wrapping cable, connections and wire, to create an air and water tight seal. If CoaxWrap™ needs to be removed, there’s no sticky residue or gooey mess left to clean up. The ten feet length included, should be enough to cover four average connections.

Instructions:  Please follow these instructions for best results.

  • 1. Clean surface to be wrapped. Cut off length to be used.
  • 2. Peel back a short length of protective film. Keep tape clean and dry.
  • 3. Begin with one complete overlap of tape onto itself. (If this is for a cable connection that will be outdoors and positioned vertically, start wrapping from the bottom, and go up. This lowers the chance of water seeping into the seams.)
  • 4. Stretch CoaxWrap while continuing to wrap object with “half-laps”, removing clear film as you go. For greater pressure resistance, use 2 or more tightly wrapped layers.
  • 5. End of tape at final wrap should be completely positioned onto itself. CoaxWrap's bond begins to cure immediately upon contact with itself. Repositioning or removal is not recommended after 2 minutes of wrapping. CoaxWrap will form a permanent, cohesive bond within 24 hours at room temperature... faster if heat cured at up to 350ºF.

Technical Data:

  • Operating Temperature: Continuous: -49 to +392°F (-45 to +200°C) - Intermittent: -85 to +500°F (-65 to +260°C) - Cold Brittle Point: -85°F (-45°C)
  • Hardness, (Test Method ASTM D2148): Cured at Room Temperature, 24 hours: 50 +/-5 Shore ‘A’ - Cured at 300°F (150°C), 24 hours: 70 +/-5 Shore ‘A’ - Cured at 480°F (250°C), 24 hours: 75 +/-5 Shore ‘A’
  • Density (Test Method ASTM D792): 1.2 g/cc (0.043 lb/in)
  • Flammability, Maximum (Test Method ASTM F963): 0.10 inch/second
  • Tensile Strength, Minimum (Test Method ASTM D119): 700 psi
  • Tear Strength, Minimum (Test Method ASTM D264): 85 ppi
  • Adhesive Bond Strength, Minimum (Test Method MIL-I-46852): 2 lbs
  • Adhesion, Maximum Unwind (Test Method ASTM D2148): 3 inches
  • Elongation, Minimum (Test Method ASTM D119): 300%
  • Water Absorption, Maximum by Weight (Test Method MIL-I-46852): 3%
  • Volume Resistivity, Minimum (Test Method MIL-I-46852): 3 x 1014 ohm-cm
  • Dielectric Constant (Test Method ASTM D150): 2.95 kHz
  • Dielectric Strength, Minimum (Test method MIL-I-46852): 400 V/mil
  • Dissipation Factor (Test Method ASTM D150): 0.0004 kHz
  • Shelf Life: 60+ months
Made in the USA

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