Not Just Any Fire Station

Los Angeles County Fire Station #127

If you're old enough, you'll probably remember this fire station. This is Los Angeles County Fire Station #127 in the City of Carson. But that's not what it's most known as. Need a hint? How about this sound? No?

OK, how about this.

Well if that doesn't do it, nothing will. LACoFD Station #127 was the exterior used as "Station 51" in the old TV show "Emergency". I took this shot myself a while back. The area has changed quite a bit, but the station hasn't much. Still pretty much looks the same as back in the 70s.

A little trivia... At the time of the show's creation, there was no Station #51, because the original #51 had been closed in the 60s, when the City of Lynwood took over that area.

Universal Studios (Now NBC/Universal) did the original show. The Universal property in the San Fernando Valley is unique in the sense that, it is surrounded on all sides by L.A. City, but the studio contracts L.A. County to handle it's fire and police needs. The lot is large enough that it was given it's own fire station many years ago. The number for that station was originally 60. But in a nod to the show, the county changed the on lot station to #51 in 1994. The station is typically equipped with an Engine, Rescue Squad, Patrol and Quint. These units not only handle calls on the lot, but also in the immediate surrounding area, known as Universal City.

The Universal property is very interesting when it comes to how emergency services are handled. As previously stated, it is a block of area surrounded on all sides by what is technically L.A. City. Yet, Universal City and the lot itself utilize mainly L.A County services, including Station 51 for fire. But there's also an official LASD Sheriff sub station on the property. The sub-station is technically manned by LASD personnel from their West Hollywood station, though it is not always open. It mainly stays open during normal business hours, when Universal City Walk and other public attractions are open.

To make things more confusing... There are standalone properties at Universal, such as a few specific restaurants, that utilize L.A. City Fire and LAPD services. My guess as to why this is, is that it probably has to do with independent ownership of the properties and who they pay taxes to. But this is why when an emergency situation breaks out on the production lot or at City Walk, you can sometimes have on site security ask exactly where the incident happened, so they know who to call.

To make things yet more confusing... There are situations when the corporation's own on site security dispatches a private ambulance company to handle some incidents. And... CHP is also known to hang out in the parking area on some occasions, because people can exit the Universal property directly onto the freeway, and they like to keep an eye on things. Especially at night after the restaurants and bars are closing. So the Universal property can be a pretty interesting place.

They were running the TV show on MeTV for a few years, but as of right now, there doesn't appear to be any channels running it. Word is that there's a reboot of the show in production. Whether that will ever actually make it to the screen, remains to be seen.

You can learn just about anything regarding the show over on the Emergency Fans site.

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