VHF Air Blade Indoor Antenna

  • $109.95

Please Note: The SMA option is an additional $5.00.


Gain:  2.6 dBi SWR:  1.5:1 or Less on Center Pattern:  Omni-directional
Wavelength:  1/2 Elements:  1 Tuned:  118-137 MHz Receive
Band:  VHF Air Connector:  Your Choice Cable:  RG8X
Cable Length:  18 Feet Height:  60" Width:  1 1/4"
Depth:  3/8"    


Unique Design:  This antenna is designed for anyone who's interested in getting good performance on their radio, but isn't able to use an outdoor antenna. This is a great antenna for people who live in apartments or condos. The Blade can also be used as a travel antenna, or even outdoors for short periods of time.

Tuned to VHF Air Band:  Each antenna is tuned to the VHF Air Band from 118 to 137 MHz.

Ready Made:  There's no assembly necessary and 18 feet of coax (with BNC, UHF or SMA connector) is included. (Email to possibly request other connector types.)

Easy to Position:  The beauty of the way this antenna works, is the fact that you can position it anywhere. Unlike using a rubber duck, you can find the one good spot in the room that gets the best reception, but still put the radio anywhere you like. This can also be helpful if you're trying to move the antenna away from RF producing devices. There's also no ground plane elements sticking out to poke you. The antenna can easily be hung using the two loops on the back.

Unobtrusive:  The Blade design is very slim and stealthy. The antenna is only 1 1/4" wide and a mere 3/8" deep. It can easily be hidden behind blinds, but is also attractive enough to be displayed in clear view. The antenna's bright white enclosure blends right into the surroundings.

Copper Elements:  Elements are copper clad, which is a better element material than stainless steel.

Narrow Bandwidth:  The bandwidth for the antenna is fairly narrow, which can help to eliminate intermod problems from adjacent strong signals in urban areas.

18' of RG8/X Cable:  This cable is better for longer lengths than the average off brand RG58 cable included with most antennas (if any), and helps prevent signal loss.

Direct Feed Point Connection:  The coax is directly connected to the antenna elements, which means there's one less connector between your radio and the antenna. Each additional connector can create signal loss.

Made exclusively by DPD Productions in the USA


"The antenna arrived in today's mail. Great service. Even better than the service is the way the antenna works. I have a Uniden BC725XLT that I use to monitor air band frequencies. The Uniden came with a 'rubber duck' antenna that works perfectly when I'm at the airport within line-of-site of the air traffic control tower. I live two miles north of the airport. With the 'rubber duck' antenna, I can can usually get the airport ATIS channel, but always with a lot of hiss. With your Air Blade Indoor Antenna, I can get the ATIS channel so clearly that I can hear people who were talking in the background when the ATIS recording was made. On the airport's tower frequencies, I can hear pilots still on the ground, as well as the controller in the tower, even though I am not line-of-site to the tower or the runway. Better still, I live 15 miles north of LAX... With the 'rubber duck', I don't get LAX Ground Control at all. With your Air Blade Indoor, I can get Ground Control and the planes on the ground! Thanks for a terrific product. It has more than doubled the actual value of my scanner, measured by what I can do with it and the pleasure it gives me."
Lon S. - Santa Monica, CA

"I received the antenna this afternoon. Excellent job of protecting and packaging this great looking antenna. I did some preliminary testing with the Air Blade antenna and it works very well! I live ~15NE of KIAD and with the Air Blade, I can receive 2-way comms between the tower and air traffic in the sector. I could not get this level of performance with other external antennas. Thanks for creating a great product!"
Siddharth M. - Gaithersburg, MD

"I received the antenna. Wow! It works great and installed in less than five minutes. I easily mounted it to an indoor window frame with picture mounting strips. Great job on providing the extra long cable length; it allowed me many options with antenna placement. What a difference this antenna makes with my scanner. I'm picking up VHF and UHF aircraft transmissions; some near 30 miles away. I use flightradar24, LiveATC and my Uniden BC365CRS scanner to track and listen to ATC and aircraft."
Ken B. - Cooperstown, NY

"Great product Sir! Super happy with my purchase. Game-changer."
Derrick H. - Harlingen, TX

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