ADS-B Vertical Outdoor Base Antenna (Standard 1090 MHz ES)

  • $169.95


Gain:  9 dBi SWR:  1.5:1 or Less Pattern:  Omni-directional
Wavelength:  Multiple 1/2 Tuned:  1090 MHz Band:  Mode-S / ADS-B
Connector:  N Female Cable:  RG8X Cable Length:  24 Inches
Height:  57" Width:  1 1/4" Weight: 2 lb 2 oz
Wind Area:  0.50 Sq Feet    


Ready Made:  There's no assembly necessary, or extra mounting parts needed.

Tuned for Mode-S / ADS-B: Each antenna is designed to be used for the ADS-B 1090 MHz ES (Extended Squitter) band, using any receiver capable of connecting an external antenna, such as: Dual XGPS series, FlightAware Pro Stick series, Garmin GDL 50 & 52 series, RadarBox receivers, and all Kinetic SBS and 1090 Puck Receivers. Can also be used with the RaspberryPI with Dump 1090 software/receivers. This antenna can also compliment a system setup for linking to an online virtual radar network, such as: ADS-B Exchange, PinkFroot's or FlightAware. (Please note that we also have a version tuned for the less common 978 MHz UAT service.)

No Ground Plane Needed:  A metal ground plane is not needed with this design.

Enclosed Elements:  The actual antenna elements and feed point are sealed inside a UV resistant plastic radome. No need to worry about corrosion on the elements with this design. This design also helps control friction induced static, which can be created by wind and dust.

Weather Resistant:  Having the elements and feed point sealed in the radome allows the antenna to be very resistant to weather and other environmental damage. This antenna is strong enough to withstand an ice storm, and will also do well in a shoreline environment.

Brass Elements:  The inner elements are made from brass, which is a better element material than stainless steel.

Narrow Bandwidth:  The bandwidth for the antenna is fairly narrow, which can help to eliminate intermod problems from adjacent strong signals in urban areas.

High Quality N Connector:  Instead of the usual UHF connector that's included with most antennas, this antenna includes a 50 ohm female N connector, on the end of a small cable pigtail. N connectors are more water resistant and handle high frequencies better. Note: Due to the high frequency that these systems operate at, and the potential losses that can occur through cable, it is highly recommended that at least a full RG8 size coax cable be used, for significant lengths. Need help choosing your main cable? Checkout the Coax FAQ.

Includes Mounting Hardware:  Price includes mounting clamps to allow attaching the antenna to any standard 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" mounting mast.

Made exclusively by DPD Productions in the USA

Do you also need cable or coax sealing tape? Try the: Cable & Accessories Page.


"I received your antenna today safely. It is still temporarily installed near the window, but I have the impression that the performance is about 50% better than the 5.5dBi Flightaware and adsbexchange antennas that I temporarily installed under the same conditions. I think it will perform fiercely once I move it to the roof. Great Antenna. Thank you very much. (snip) I have bought many other ADS-B antennas, but none of them are as good as your antenna. Your antenna has outstanding performance and a solid exterior. So, I am buying a second one for backup."
Masahide I. - Saitama-City, Japan

"There's been a HUGE difference... Taxiing at SFO is now clearly visible, I've tripled the number of Travis hits I get. I've tracked a Virgin America flight from taxiing at SFO up past Red Bluff on his way to Seattle! I've been tracking LAX arrivals from Asia for 300+ miles (150+ in each direction as they flyby). This is just incredible, and takes a big step forward on the usefulness of the box."
Jordan H. - Berkeley, CA

"Got the antenna Thursday and installed it today. Working very well. I'm picking up average 10-20+ more aircraft than before on any given moment. Big improvement on lower altitude aircraft in region as well. Thanks for good product and delivery!
Mark A. - Elkton, MD

"Just to let you know, the antenna is now fitted, and up and running. Early indications are very good, my coverage has improved considerably here where I am based (bottom of a very narrow valley) This antenna is achieving much better results than my previous set up and is running unassisted direct to the box."
Peter E. - North Wales, UK

"Just installed the antenna this weekend. Truly an unbelievable improvement in the number of planes received. Keep up the good work."
Paul R. - Ontario, Canada

"Just to let you know, the aerial arrived weekend before last and I installed it on Saturday. What a difference, range has improved by over 120 miles from 80 to 200-220 miles, hits at peak time from 40 to 130. Well impressed, I have to say the aerial itself looks good and is made well. It even looks good on the house. Thanks for supplying a superb product."
Steven S. - UK

"I bought your ADS-B antenna and brought it to my home in Brazil. After I installed it, my RadarBox coverage has been multiplied by 5 and now I have more airplanes on screen. Congratulations for your terrific product."
Marcio, S. - Brazil

"I purchased your ADS-B omni antenna for use with my Radar Box. Having your antenna up on the roof extended my range five-fold. I now receive activity from Rhode Island down to Delaware from my location on the north shore of Long Island, New York. The antenna was super easy to put up and is very well made. It is performing flawlessly."
Don Y. - Dix Hills, NY

"I just wanted to update you on the antenna I purchased from you earlier this year. It is currently mounted approximately 65ft up on our condo. The reception is incredible. I'm currently logging over 80 aircraft at ranges as far as 363km from my home. I'm seeing targets just over the ocean off the coast of Maine and as far west as Kingston, Ontario. Thanks again for such a great product."
Paul S. - Montreal, Canada

"I bought the ADS-B Vertical Outdoor Model antenna and experimented with mounting in several areas around our house. In the end I found that mounting it in my attic was the easiest and the signal strength is still excellent. I live in a wood frame house in Vancouver. My distance record with the antenna in my attic is 250 miles, approx 400km, a Boeing 737 at 41000ft over the Oregon coast!"
Frank M. - Vancouver, Canada

"Just wanted to let you know that the antennae arrived and I had the chance to try the ADS-B one out today. The performance is simply amazing. Getting 3-4x the range of my old indoor antenna!"
Miklos K. - Hendschiken, Switzerland

"Here are a couple of screen shots of your antenna up in the air here in Guatemala, so far I have been able to reach over 200 nm with it!"
Juan C. - Guatemala

"I ordered and received one of you outdoor vertical ADS-B antenna and am very pleased. I get consistent coverage out to 300 NM for aircraft over 35,000 feet, which is right about on for maximum line of sight from my 1,500 feet elevation, overlooking the Pacific. My field of view is also wider than with the “demo” antenna that came with my Micro ADS-B receiver. I have had to decrease the sensitivity of my receiver to avoid overdriving it on near aircraft but have been able to do so (as close as five NM) without noticeably hurting my long range coverage. I have also noted that I can follow traffic at Honolulu down to around 4,000 feet (was 6,000 with old antenna), which is again right about at (or exceeding) theoretical line of sight as HNL is about 150 NM away. Good product!"
Chuck M. - Holualoa, HI

"Got your antenna mounted and all I can say is, wow. It extended the range of my blocked direction to the east by about 30 miles, but in the other directions, I am getting planes out in the surrounding states, which I never did before. In the first hour, I got one 200+ mile track. Very well made antenna, and performance to match. Thanks so much."
Dave D. - North Little Rock, AR

"I received the antenna yesterday and got it installed in a temporary location. WOW! Big difference!  I am picking up 7X-16X what I was getting with the original antenna that I bought."
Taylor D. - Wilsonville, OR

"The omni-directional I bought from you many years ago is really doing great. I expect it will place me near the top of the feeders for FlightAware."
Marcus M. - Long Beech, NY

"Some stats in, I have seen the number of messages received triple since installation, the number of flights up slightly (didn't expect much there as most flights around here are heading to the local airport), range boosted right out past 450km now! Picking up a lot more ground traffic at the local airport and hits over 400km at least doubled."
Peter L. - Auckland, New Zealand

"I’ve had it up and operating for about 4 1/2 months, and wanted to give it some time before reporting to you. The antenna is at the 33ft in the open on a mast. It is connected with 35 ft of LMR 400 coax. Your antenna replaced the dark green FlightAware antenna that was mounted in that position. While the actual receive distance is about the same between the two antennas at 250 NM in my geographic position... The actual plane count is not comparable. Using the DPD antenna the plane count in a 24 hour period is consistently 300-400 planes greater compared to the FlightAware antenna."
Randall L. - Fort Oglethorpe, GA

"Your antenna is a beautiful thing. The antenna I was using was capable of 200+ miles LOS. I have doubled my contacts and more than doubled positions reported. I was missing a lot of signals that were obscured by foliage and terrain. Your antenna filled that gap."
Tim F. - Joplin, MO

"Just wanted to thank you for a quick delivery to Australia. I installed the antenna today, and moving from the 15cm curly wire indoor antenna to this beauty, has increased my visibility of aircraft from less than 80km to about 300km this far."
Michael B. - Montville, AU

"Really like this antenna. I'm still evaluating, but I'm seeing a greater and more consistent packet capture, and longer tracks for planes out at distance. In 24 hours, I've captured almost a million position packets, and 1200 planes at 250+ miles, and another 18K plans at 200-250 miles, for a total of 3680 aircraft the first day."
Robert H. - Warrenton, VA

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