ADS-B Double 1/2 Wave Mobile Antenna

  • $69.95

Please Note: The SMA option is an additional $5.00. The MCX option includes an MCX/SMA adapter for an additional $8.00. MCX are not available to fit 50 Ohm cables, so an adapter is the only method available.


Gain:  5 dBi SWR:  1.5:1 or Less Pattern:  Omni-directional
Wavelength:  1/2 over 1/2 Elements:  2 Tuned:  1090 MHz
Band:  Mode-S / ADS-B Connector:  Your Choice Cable:  RG58U
Cable Length:  17 Feet Mount Type:  NMO Height:  13"
Magnet Size:  3 5/8"


Tuned for Mode-S / ADS-B: Each antenna is designed to be used for the ADS-B 1090 MHz ES (Extended Squitter) band, using any receiver capable of connecting an external antenna, such as: Dual XGPS series, FlightAware Pro Stick series, Garmin GDL 50 & 52 series, RadarBox receivers, and all Kinetic SBS and 1090 Puck Receivers. Can also be used with the RaspberryPI with Dump 1090 software/receivers. This antenna can also compliment a system setup for linking to an online virtual radar network, such as: ADS-B Exchange, PinkFroot's or FlightAware.

Excellent Performance:  1/2 wave over 1/2 wave stacked elements gives 5 dBi of gain. This antenna can be used for both transmitting and receiving.

Quality Construction:  Black copper clad stainless steel whip. Black matching coil with copper coated brass base. Gold plunger contact pin and O-ring gasket.

Mount Included:  All black 3 5/8" NMO Magnet Mount with 17' of RG58U cable - Copper 95% braid and solid insulation. Brass NMO with gold contact pin and teflon insulator. (Choice of BNC, SMA or MCX connector. Email to possibly request other connector types.)

*Mobile Components are Produced in Taiwan


"Holy cow… I knew a resonant antenna would make a big difference, but I wasn’t expecting the improvement I’m currently seeing. The antenna arrived today and I put it on-line around 15:15 UTC, in the exact same spot as the old antenna. And you can see from the charts on my FlightAware account the difference it’s made! I wonder what things would be like if I had gotten the base antenna."
Carl D. - Mohrsville, PA

"As a followup, we tested the NMO ADS-B antenna on the fiberglass roof of the Humvee with a 13 in 1/8" thick plate of 6061 aluminum as a ground plane. The software got steady hits 121 miles away at 40,000! Our application is for nearby aircraft and ground units, which works perfectly too, but still impressive!"
David H. - Nevada City, CA


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