ADS-B Blade Indoor Antenna (Standard 1090 MHz ES)

  • $89.95

Please Note: The MCX option includes an MCX/SMA adapter for an additional $6.00. MCX are not available to fit 50 Ohm cables, so an adapter is the only method available.


Gain:  4.6 dBi SWR:  1.5:1 or Less Pattern:  Omni-directional
Wavelength:  Multiple 1/2 Elements:  4 Tuned:  1090 MHz
Band:  Mode-S / ADS-B Connector:  Your Choice Cable:  RG8X
Cable Length:  18 Feet Height:  24" Width:  1 1/4"
Depth:  3/8" Weight:  1 lb  


Unique Design:  This antenna is designed for anyone who's interested in getting good performance on their receiver, but isn't able to use an outdoor antenna. This is a great antenna for people who live in apartments or condos. The Blade can also be used as a travel antenna, or even outdoors for short periods of time. The length of the antenna should allow it to fit in a standard carry-on bag.

Tuned for Mode-S / ADS-B: Each antenna is designed to be used for the ADS-B 1090 MHz ES (Extended Squitter) band, using any receiver capable of connecting an external antenna, such as: Dual XGPS series, FlightAware Pro Stick series, Garmin GDL 50 & 52 series, RadarBox receivers, and all Kinetic SBS and 1090 Puck Receivers. Can also be used with the RaspberryPI with Dump 1090 software/receivers. This antenna can also compliment a system setup for linking to an online virtual radar network, such as: ADS-B Exchange, PinkFroot's or FlightAware.

Ready Made:  There's no assembly necessary and 18 feet of coax (with BNC, SMA or MCX connector) is included. (Email to possibly request other connector types.)

Easy to Position:  The beauty of the way this antenna works, is the fact that you can position it anywhere. Unlike using a standard antenna that requires a ground plane surface, with this antenna you can find the one good spot in the room that gets the best reception, but still put the radio anywhere you like. This can also be helpful if you're trying to move the antenna away from RF producing devices. The antenna can easily be hung using the two loops on the back.

Unobtrusive:  The Blade design is very slim and stealthy. The antenna is only 1 1/4" wide and a mere 3/8" deep. It can easily be hidden behind blinds, but is also attractive enough to be displayed in clear view. The antenna's bright white enclosure blends right into the surroundings.

Brass Elements:  Elements are brass, which is a better element material than stainless steel.

Narrow Bandwidth:  The bandwidth for the antenna is fairly narrow, which can help to eliminate intermod problems from adjacent strong signals in urban areas.

18' of RG8/X Cable:  This cable is better for longer lengths than the average off brand RG58 cable included with most antennas (if any), and helps prevent signal loss.

Direct Feed Point Connection:  The coax is directly connected to the antenna elements, which means there's one less connector between your radio and the antenna. Each additional connector can create signal loss.

Made exclusively by DPD Productions in the USA


"I'm really enjoying the indoor antenna. I can't believe how much better the gain is over the stock antenna."
Angus M. - Rockford, IL

"I just received one of your blade antennas for 1090 ADS-B and it is absolutely phenomenal."
Matt R. - Deptford, NJ

"From my experience the indoor antenna has easily doubled the number of aircraft seen, and tripled the number of positions reported (Compared to the best days I had with the USB dongle antenna). I get excellent 360 degree coverage out to 150nm, and I get the odd hit at 250 with the antenna set up in the attic of my garage. I do not live in a mountainous region. Very pleased with the results."
Pete C. - Belmont, ON Canada

"Just wanted to send a quick message to let you know the ADS-B Blade Indoor antenna arrived and has been working perfectly since installation. The range and number of aircraft has increased significantly."
Glenn S. - Sydney, Australia

"I am very happy with my new ADS-B Blade Indoor Antenna, the amount of aircraft I see has doubled and my range jumped immediately from 122 NM to 171 NM."
Steve W. - Eloy, AZ

"Hey David, not sure if you get a lot of feedback on your products, but 24 hours after installing your antenna... I have more than doubled my ADS-B stats. I wanted to thank you for the fast shipping and awesome customer service."
Joseph P. - Ashburn, VA

"Hey Dave, the antenna arrived today and its awesome. Thanks again!"
Ian M. - Rockaway Park, NY

"Received the antenna today. I just stuck it on the wall for the first part of the test. It made a huge difference, I can’t believe how many more planes are on my map! I might not even continue the test and I might just leave it there since that’s where I want it. Just wanted to let you know how happy with the antenna I am.
Thanks again."
Danny B. - Atco, NJ

"I am really happy with this antenna. I was using the default quarter wave antenna that came with the receiver and was getting signals within about a 20 mile radius. With the new antenna I am out to nearly 150."
Lynn M. - Chicao, CA

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