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Our products support numerous RF applications, including: Railroad, Aviation, Military, Marine, MURS, GMRS, Civil Service, Ham and General Radio Scanning. The majority of our monitoring products can be used with any Uniden, RadioShack, Whistler, or other brand of radio scanner. Transmitting products can be used with most commercial and ham radios available. All DPDP base antenna products are made in the USA! Please scroll down to see our product list.

Please note: Effective Jan 2016, virtually all of the major shipping carriers have raised their rates significantly. We don't like this anymore than you do, because not only does it force us to pass that cost onto you... it also raises the cost of incoming shipments as well. So unfortunately, we've had to raise the rates a bit this year. Sorry.

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- Accessories -
Custom Feed & Patch Cables
Including: N, UHF, BNC, F, SMA, Mini UHF, TNC, F, MCX & Motorola Connectors
Self Powered Monitoring Speakers
CoaxWrap - Cable Wrapping Tape

PLEASE READ: Due to the complexities of offering oddly sized products, this site only calculates shipping for US destinations. If you'd like to ship outside the US, please contact us and we will email you an invoice for your order, which you can then pay electronically.

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