45-60 Inch Adjustable Eave Mount

  • $59.95

This kit includes everything you should need to mount a standard 1 1/4" diameter TV mast tube, to a gable roof end. This kit combined with a mast (not included) will mount any of the DPD Productions vertical base, or omni base antennas. (The bottom long bracket is adjustable from 45" to 60".) Included in the kit...

  • 1x Long Bottom Adjustable Bracket
  • 1x Top Mast Bracket
  • 4x Mast Clamp Bolts
  • 4x Wood Screws
  • 2x Bracket Length Adjustment Screws
  • 6x Nuts
  • Brackets are 8 Guage Carbon Steel with White Zinc Plating

Please Note: It is highly recommended that a mast no longer than 5 feet be used on this mount, without utilizing guy wires. The brackets should be separated vertically by at least one foot. Make sure the wood screws enter solid wood to their full depth... NOT plaster, plywood, or any other thin surface material. If attaching to wood trim, try to place screws in a position where they will hit a crossmember support, not just the facade. This setup should not be used near a chimney where the fireplace will actually be used. The heat and smoke will likely damage the antenna. Use good judgment when mounting an antenna on a roof. Stay away from power lines, and do not work on the antenna when electrical storms are in the area. If you have any doubt about being able to safely work at height, find a professional to help you.

*These Components are Produced Outside the USA

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